Belgian Francophone Film Festival - Tokyo Anyway

, 72 min, 2014
in French with English subtitles, with Hungarian interpretation

Show times:

Director: Camille Meynard

Cast: Benjamin Ramon, Violette Pallaro, Emilie Marechal, AntojO…

Justine, Armel, Camille and Félix, in their thirties, live in Brussels. Friends for years, they are beautiful, have a good situation, are alive. But in the mid thirties, even the tiniest grain of sand can block the gears. The same day Faustine is questioned at her work, Camille gets pregnant, Armel loses his father and Felix is invited to work in Tokyo. It’s raining sand on Brussels.

Awards: Magritte du cinéma 2015
Best up-coming actress: Emilie Maréchal
Best up-coming actor: Benjamin Ramon

"Tokyo Anyway is not a classical movie, it’s a collective experience, an exercise in style led by an adventurous
director who has co-written the scenario which is also a canvas for a group of thirty-year-old actors who
fascinated him. Inside these frames more or less defined, the scenes are more or less improvised (…) The
questions asked by the director are varied: How to live in your thirties in such a conditioned society? How to
succeed in a relationship? And, more prosaically, how to communicate when everyone is in their own
universe, in perpetual dissonance with others?" Cinevox – 2013

Pénztárnyitás: az első előadás előtt 30 perccel.
Pénztárzárás: az utolsó előadás kezdetét követően 15 perccel.
A kávézó átmenetileg zárva.

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