Spanish Film Week 2022

Elven new films from the contemporary spanish film palette

22 november 2022 - 27 november 2022

Location: Díszterem

Tuesday, 22 November 

19:00 Maixabel - Opening Ceremony
Spanish drama, 115 min, 2021
in Spanish and Basque with Hungarian subtitles
director: Icíar Bollaín

Wednesday, 23 November

20:00 The Key Game (18) / El juego de las llaves
Spanish comedy, 107 min, 2022
in Spanish with Hungarian subtitles
director: Vicente Villanueva

Thursday, 24 November

18:00 An Optical Illusion / Un efecto óptico
Spanish comedy, 80 min, 2020
in Spanish with Hungarian subtitles
director: Juan Cavestany

20:00 Alcarràs (12)
Spnish drama, 120 min, 2022
in Catalan and Spanish with Hungarian subtitles
director: Carla Simón

Friday, 25 November

19:00 The Test / El test
Spanish comedy, 105 min 2022
in Spanish with Hungarian subtitles
director: Dani de la Orden

21:00 Piggy / Cerdita
Spanish psychological horror, 90 min, 2022 
in Spanish with Hungarian subtitles
director: Carlota Pereda

Saturday, 26 November

15:00 Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake / Pan de limón con semillas de amapola
Spanish drama, 121 min, 2021
in Spanish with Hungarian subtitles
director: Benito Zambrano

17:15 Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea / Mediterráneo
Spanish drama, 112 min, 2021
in original (Spanish/Greek/English) languages with Hungarian subtitles
director: Marcel Barrena

19:30 Stories Not to Be Told (16) / Historias para no contar
Spanish comedy, 100 min, 2022
in Spanish with Hungarian subtitles
director: Cesc Gay

Sunday, 27  November

15:00 Full of Grace / Llenos de gracia
Spanish comedy, 105 min, 2022
in Spanish with Hungarian subtitles
director: Roberto Bueso

17:00 Lullaby / Cinco lobitos
Spanish drama, 104 min, 2022
in Spanish and Basque with Hungarian subtitles
director: Alauda Ruiz de Azúa

Ticket information: 
Regular ticket price: 1800 HUF
Student discount price: 1400 HUF
Please note that you can only get a discount when buying the ticket at the cash desk. Thank you for your understanding.

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Spanish Film Week 2022: Maixabel

Icíar Bollaín's award-winning new film about a widow's encounter with her husband's killer

Spanish Film Week 2022: The Key Game

A strange night with changing partners - the cinema version of the successful Mexican series

Spanish Film Week 2022: An Optical Illusion

Unusual comedy about a strange trip of a Spanish couple in New York or who knows where

Spanish Film Week 2022: Alcarràs

A Golden Bear award-winning film about a farmer family whose land they want to expropriate

Spanish Film Week 2022: The test

In centre of the comedy is a big dilemma: a hundred thousand now or a million ten years after?

Spanish Film Week 2022: Piggy

Psychological horror about an overweight teenage girl - is recommended for adults

Spanish Film Week 2022: Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake

Two sisters, two separate worlds, try to continue operating the inherited small-town bakery together

Spanish Film Week 2022: Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea

Touching film about two sea rescuers helping refugees in danger in the Mediterranean Sea

Spanish Film Week 2022: Stories Not to Be Told

Five comical, absurd stories from the director of The People Upstairs

Spanish Film Week 2022: Full of Grace

A hilarious comedy about a nurse working in an orphanage who forms a soccer team

Spanish Film Week 2022: Lullaby

A drama about the fact that even if you become a mother, you still remain your mother's daughter
»Jul. 25. – Thursday«
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The First Day of My Life (16)

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It's Raining Men (16)

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Io capitano (16)

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Perfect Days (12)

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Fly Me to the Moon (12)

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The Bikeriders (16)

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