Performed on stage by the leading figures of Hungarian free music, streamed at Uránia Online

9 april 2021 20:00 - 21:30

Location: Uránia Nemzeti Filmszínház Online

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Ákos Szelevényi has lived in Paris for more than two decades, studying and gaining a reputation in the alternative clubs of the French capital. Today, he is one of the most prominent Hungarian representatives of free jazz, following in the footsteps of A. Ayler, Don Cherry, O. Coleman.

Last time we could listen to him and his fellow musicians Péter Ajtai and Áron Porteleki at Urania’s stage in October 2020. Back then, the trio gave a concert called Esti mantra (Evening Mantra) with a more meditative atmosphere than usual. It was a kind of musical reaction to a world that had become closed and instable due to the coronavirus pandemic. This October concert could happen in the traditional way, on stage, in front of an audience, but soon came another wave of COVID-19, with new restrictions.

Now we can listen to the trio again in a similarly sensitive musical production. This new performance entitled Fellelhető elemek (Detectable Elements) is based on the autumn concert, but provides for an even more meditative experience. The concert was shot in the early spring this year, behind closed doors, performed only for the cameras. This intimate space of the empty cinema hall with no audience reactions allowed the musicians to redefine their feelings once again.

The three musicians regularly perform in different formations as a duo, trio, or with guests as a quintet, sextet, they perform in bands such as the Akosh S. Unit, the Qiyan, and the Dorota.

Ákos Szelevényi (tenor and soprano saxophone, metal clarinet, Tibetan sound bowls, small bells, zither, harmonium, kalimba) He is one of the best known and most acclaimed saxophonists in Hungary. His fame came from the Paris-based Akosh S Unit in the 1990s, with which he released 9 records at Universal. He was also a member of the cult French rock band Noir Desir (for example, he played the clarinet solo and kalimba melodies of the band’s popular song “Le vent nous portera”) and he was the composer of several performances by dancer József Nagy. He has lived in France since 1986, and in recent years, he works more frequently in Hungary. In the last weeks, he released his new albums (recorded in China) "Nakama Squares" and "Here Out" on Bandcampen.

Péter Ajtai (double bass, small bells) He is an outstanding young double bass player in the Hungarian contemporary creative scene. Founding member of several formations (AMP Trio, Peter Problem, Luis Vicente Trio, Geröly Trio), he moves on a wide scale of music, from Schönberg to free improvisation, moreover he embraces traditions and respects them too. He lives in Budapest.

Áron Porteleki (drums, gongs, small bells, percussion instruments) He is a drummer and viola player, one of the most active and open figures in current Hungarian and international music life. From folk music through the contemporary dance to improvised music and electric music, he plays in various bands and music formations (Poros, Dorota, Parasztok atmoszférában 12Z, Thisnis, Nyúzzatok meg, Hinoki). He lives in Budapest. In 2018, they made a tour in Russia with Ákos Szelevényi.


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