Faludi Filmclub - La última cima

Faludi Filmclub - La última cima
documentary, Spain, 80 min, 2010
in Spanish with Hungarian subtitles

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Director: Juan Manuel Cotelo

Cast: Pablo Dominguez

The story of a priest named Paul Dominguez, who died in mountain accident 42 years, would not be able to shape the subject of a fascinating documentary. Hopefully the best approach to a "good person", whose actions give testimony to those who knew him, with varying degrees of emotion. However, any bias in this line fades after a few minutes to start watching the movie. The director confirmed the good impression he left with his directorial debut, the work of fiction "The sweat of nightingales." The director appeals to provocatively, giving vent to their acting skills, a little to Michael Moore, but without cheating. On startup, which states that in the current film a movie about a priest only if he seems to fit is a pederast, thief, manipulative, power hungry, or at best, a missionary in a third world country, and predicts that such priests as are 'crucified', he assumes the risk of running the same fate by showing a priest 'normal' and has great qualities. So, happy, smart, intellectual, handsome, close, given to others, pious. Of all who knew him seem to keep personal memories indelible, his friendship and affection towards them. Director has handled the recording many hours of people trying to Dominguez: other priests and bishops, students from the Faculty of Theology of St. Damasus of which he was dean, parents and siblings, friends ... And among so there are many poignant moments statement, and also fun. It has also come to fragments of a lecture delivered by the protagonist himself in the documentary, and audio of an interview and a retreat. But the success is to combine all this material, with the view of street people who talk about what they think defines priests today. The deal allows for contrast-between the stereotype and the example of Domínguez-themes as the distance that sometimes exists between ordinary people and priests, celibacy, the celebration of the Mass and what should be a sermon, confession, the proximity in time of contradiction, death. Cotelo, who confesses openly Christian, immediately intuits that her character, had not been a priest, could have 'won' in any field that had been proposed. And that's the hook to appeal to the viewer not particularly spiritual, can not help wondering why such Dominguez opted for a worldly life. The narrative flows swiftly toward its climax, death in Moncayo mountain side by side, and has the good sense to see that ... Death is not the end, as appears to indicate the very existence of this film.

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