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28 june 2019 - 28 july 2019

Location: Díszterem


Amy (16)
music documentary, United Kingdom, 2015, dir: Asif Kapadia, 127 min, in English with Hungarian subtitles

Shoplifters (16)
drama, Japan, 2020, dir: Hirokazu Koreeda, 121 min, in the original language with Hungarian subtitles

Claire Darling (12)
Drama, France, 2018, dir: Julie Bertuccelli, 94 min, in French with Hungarian subtitles

Cinema Paradiso (12)
Drama, Romance, Itlay-France, 1988, dir: Giuseppe Tornatore, 123 min, in Italian with Hungarian subtitles

Beautiful Boy (16)
Biography, Drama, USA, 2018, dir: Felix Van Groeningen, 121 min, in English with Hungarian subtitles

Dogman (16)
Drama, Italian, 2018, dir: Matteo Garron, 120 min, in Italian with Hungarian subtitles

A Woman Captured (12)
Documentary, Hungarian, 2017, dir: Tuza-Ritter Bernadett, 89 min, in Hungarian

Little White Lies 2 (16)
Comedy, France-Belga, 2019, dir: Guillaume Canet, 135 min, in French with Hungarian subtitles

Pain and Glory (16)
Drama, Spain, 2019, dir: Pedro Almodóvar, 113 min, in Spanish with Hungarian subtitles

Three Identical Strangers (12)
Ducumentary, UK, 2018, dir: Tim Wardle, 97 min, in English with Hungarian subtitles

The Faithful Man (16)
Romance, France, 2018, dir: Louis Garrel, 75 min, in original language with Hungarian subtitles

Happy end (16)
Drama, France-Austria-Germany, 2017, dir: Michael Haneke, 107 min, in original language with Hungarian subtitles

Cold War (12)
drama, Poland-France-GB, 2018, dir: Paweł Pawlikowski, 90 min, in Polish with Hungarian subtitles

Capernaum (16)
drama, Lebanon, 2018, dir: Nadine Labaki, 121 min, in original language with Hungarian subtitles

Maria by Callas (12)
Documentary, France, 2017, dir: Tom Volf, 119 min, in original language with Hungarian subtitles

Mirai (12)
animated adventure, Japan, 2018, dir: Mamoru Hosoda, 100 min, in Hungarian language (dubbed)

The Great Beauthy (16)
dramedy, Italy-France, 2013, dir: Paolo Sorrentino, 141 min, in Italian with Hungarian subtitles

I Hope You’ll Die Next Time :)  (16)
drama, Hungary, 2018, dir: Mihály Schwechtje, 96 min, in Hungarian language

Queen of Hearts (18)
drama, Denmark-Sweden, 2019, dir: May el-Toukhy, 127 min, in Danish with Hungarian subtitles

The Kindergarden Teacher (16)
drama, US, 2018, dir: Sara Colangelo, 96 min, in English with Hungarian subtitles

Toni Erdmann (16)
dramedy, Germany-Austria, 2016, dir: Maren Ade, 162 min, in original languages with Hungarian subtitles

Yao (6)
dramedy, France, 2018, dir: Philippe Godeau, 103 min, in original language with Hungarian subtitles

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Claire Darling

Starring Catherine Deneuve


Starring Omar Sy - from 18th of July


The lebanese fiene piece of work in summer selection of Urania

Three Identical Strangers

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Queen of Hearts

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Cold War

Pawlikowski kelet és nyugat közt átívelő szerelmi története két lengyel művészről



Maria by Callas

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Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy chronicles the heartbreaking survival in a family coping with addiction


The latest movie by Matteo Garrone

The Kindergarten Teacher

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Mirai (dubbed version)

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Cinema Paradiso - Nuovo cinema Paradiso

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Remélem legközelebb sikerül meghalnod :)

A teen thriller about an online harassment

Happy End

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Toni Erdmann

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Little White Lies 2

From 11th of July

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